Saturn (Consumer Electronics Retailer) – Coopers Bar

Humanizing a tech brand by opening the first bar on the rings of Saturn


CCO: Martin Pross \ CDs: Oliver Handlos, Mirko Derpmann \ AD: Michael Hess \ CW: Felix Fenz \ Directors: Alex Feil, Henry Littlechild, Markus Walter

1st Season

Saturn, the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe, wanted a more human perception. In an integrated campaign, we achieved this by telling stories which take place at a location straight from the brand’s logo: a bar on the rings of Saturn. Alice Cooper, the barkeeper, always states at the end – no matter what the story is: ‘It’s just a matter of having the right technology (technique).’

Even the New York Times visited Coopers Bar – read the article here.

Holiday (Christmas) Commercial
Film directly targeted toward Saturn’s biggest competitor, Media Markt
Key Visuals

Left: Campaign poster / Right: Ad to promote the washing machines from Saturn ‘Before – After’

Cooper’s Bar Online
Music Video
2nd Season

Since the 1st season of the campaign was incredibly successful, Cooper’s Bar opened once again. This time around, Cooper gets support from Bill Kaulitz, a German rock star. Again, both state at the end – no matter what happens: “It’s just a matter of having the right technology (technique).”