LouisXIII Cognac – 100 Years The Song

Highlighting the fragility of the environment through a recording that can become extinct

LouisXIII cognac takes 100 years until it is ready. To emphasize that we created an exclusive song together with Pharrell Williams that will be released in 100 years. Since the area in which the grapes for LouisXIII grow is in danger of becoming flooded due to the rising sea water level, we engraved the song on a disk made of clay from the vineyards and stored it there. If the disk gets wet it will dissolve and people will only be able to hear the song in 100 years #IfWeCare about the environment.


CCOs: Fred Raillard, Farid Mokart \ CD: Laurent Leccia \ ACD: Michael Hess \ Graphic: Jack Jungho Hwang